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Our Story

About us

Being unique is not only an expression but a choice of life. The inspiration of giving birth to ALEXIOS was driven by the Caldera of Santorini, one of the greatest natural wonders on earth! An amazing “once in a lifetime experience” of Fine Aegean Tastes, premium beverages combined with the magical view.

Alexios Santorini

Lovely cozy place! Delicious snacks! Amazing view! An excellent choice for a romantic dinner!

Марія Гриціенко


Words are not enough to describe the exquisite tastes, exceptional drinks and breath-taking views. High end service but friendly at the same time.

Νικολας Ιωσηφ


AMAZING SERVICE and GREAT FOOD!! we went to this beautiful restaurant for my mum's birthday and the staff created a memorable night, with music, lots of candles and champagne (offer by the owener )!

Lavinia Pirillo



Enjoy the view

Enjoy one of the most breathless views of the world. The large volcano eruption, happened 3500 years ago, shaped the Santorinian Caldera one of the most beautiful, natural “paintings”. Dressed with the splendor of Oia’ s sunset, your visit to Alexios will be unforgettable.

Special selection

From our menu

Sea Bream

Sea bream fillet on lentil salad with cherry tomatoes, scallions, chopped vegetables, parsley oil, white balsamic vinegar and lemon pearls, on a grilled beetroot pita.


Grouper fillet with chickpea puree, chopped vegetables and pea shoots with beetroot sauce.

Lobster with Zucchini Pasta

Lobster on fresh zucchini pasta, black garlic, cherry tomatoes and basil pesto. Served on a grilled blue corn pita.

Lobster Bao Bun

Lobster on bao bun with cherry tomato sauce, black garlic, basil pesto, olive oil and garlic sprouts. Served with green salad.

Lobster Tail

Lobster tail with finely chopped roasted zucchini, cherry tomatoes and black garlic. Served with butter, black garlic and parsley sauce on a grilled blue corn pita.

Langoustine Bao Bun

Langoustine patty in a bao bun with Greek yoghurt and anthotyro sauce on a salad of tender spinach and baby beetroot leaves, onion leaves with oil vinaigrette, lemon and mustard.

Tuna Fillet

Tuna fillet on a hot stone. Served with baby corn, fresh asparagus, soy sauce, ginger and wasabi.

Black Cod

Cod fillet. Served with broccoli puree, beetroot and garlic sprouts.


Choose between beef and black angus on hot stone. Served with artichoke, cherry tomatoes, baby potatoes with garlic and thyme butter mousse sauce or sun-dried tomato, ketchup and spicy mustard.

Black Angus Bao Bun

Black angus burger on a bao bun with parmesan - gorgonzola sauce or cheese, sun-dried tomato mousse and caramelised onions. Served with Greek vegetable chips from Rhodes.

Chicken Bao Bun

Chicken fillet burger on bao bun with graviera mousse and a variety of Greek mushrooms. Served with a salad of grilled vegetables, artichoke, eggplant, zucchini, olive oil and balsamic pearls.


Our Brunch

Prepared with carefully chosen local Greek products of exceptional quality, Alexios will guide your senses to a unique and unforgettable journey



Alexios Fine Aegean Tastes,
Nik. Nomikou, Oia
Open: 10:00 am – 02:00 am