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Greek Tapas

Small pita bread

Small pita bread with tzatziki mousse, chicken, or pork apaki (Cretan cold cut), cherry tomatoes, parsley and fresh onion

Small tart

Small tart with tomato marmalade, Metsovone (premium smoked cheese) and walnut


Baguette with smoked salmon, avocado mousse, beetroot sprouts and lemon pearls

Small tart

Small tart with shrimp, baby spinach, mayonnaise, and truffle oil


Seafood Platter

Smoked octopus, smoked shrimps, crab, fish roe (Greek caviar), smoked mussels, sea bass and sea bream ceviche, veggie pickles sticks, tarama and fava mousse, pearls of lemon and balsamic, served on pita *Available for 2 or 4 persons


Tagliatelle from fresh zucchini

Tagliatelle from fresh zucchini with smoked shrimp, mustard sauce, vegetable broth, mayonnaise, olive oil, salt flakes and garlic sprouts, on a tomato pita nest, Parmesan powder or flakes optionally

Vitello Tonnato

Vitello Tonnato, Tuna with fine chopped caper, mayonnaise on sourdough toasted bread with beef pastrami

Octopus Carpaccio

Octopus Carpaccio with olive oil, white balsamic and chopped vegetables. Served with fava mousse, caper, caramelized onions, tarama mousse with fish roe pearls (Greek caviar) and garlic sprouts, on baked beetroot pita


Ceviche, Sea Bass or Sea Bream on lime, orange, ginger with olive oil, salt, peppers served on pita

Beef Carpaccio

Beef Carpaccio with Greek truffled gruyere from Amphilochia, lemon oil, variety of colorful peppers served on spinach pita

Main courses

Sea Bream with lentil salad

Sea Bream with lentil salad, cherry tomatoes fresh onion, chopped vegetables, parsley oil, white balsamic and lemon pearls, on baked beetroot pita

Red Mullet with broccoli

Red Mullet with broccoli - guacamole mousse, baked artichoke salad, baby corn, balsamic pearls, and pea sprouts, on baked blue corn pita

Grouper with multicolor quinoa

Grouper with multicolor quinoa, cherry tomatoes, chopped peppers, parsley oil, lime and lemon pearls on baked tomato pita


Lobster, cherry tomato sauce, black garlic, basil pesto, olive oil on green salad and garlic sprouts served in Bao Bun

Lobster Tail

Lobster Tail with spaghetti from zucchini, in a Greek butter sauce with parsley and black garlic served on blue corn pita

Crayfish Burger

Crayfish Burger with vinaigrette of oil, lemon, mustard, Greek yoghurt sauce on salad of baby spinach, beetroot and onion sprouts, served in Bao Bun of blue corn

Black Angus Beef Burger with Parmesan

Black Angus Beef Burger with Parmesan - Gorgonzola sauce, baby spinach or Kaseri cheese, sundried tomato mousse and caramelized onions, bio veggie sticks, optionally mayonnaise and mustard, served in Bao Bun.

Chicken Fillet with parmesan sauce

Organic and free range Chicken Fillet with parmesan sauce, variety of Greek mushrooms, truffle oil (optionally). Rocket, baby spinach in a sauce, Parmesan flakes, on baked spinach pita. Served with potato souffle of Gorgonzola & Kasseri from Epirus.


Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon, green salad, cucumber fillets, anthotiro cheese and yoghurt mousse, citrus vinaigrette, beetroot sprouts, served on beetroot pita nest

Smoked shrimps

Smoked shrimps, green salad, baby spinach, vinaigrette of oil, mustard, mayonnaise and lemon, served on spinach pita nest


Traditional Baklava

Traditional Baklava with Vanilla ice cream

Traditional Orange pita

Traditional Orange pita with Vanilla ice cream


Kavalieros – Sigalas
Chateau Julia – Kosta Lazaridi
Domaine Gerovasiliou
Chardonnay – Epanomi
Papas – Artemis Karamolegos
Nassitis Vassaltis – Domaine Sigala
Vino di Sasso – Sclavos


Rosette – Domaine Chatzidaki
Whispering Angel – Chateau d’ Esclans
Domaine Alfa
Xinomavro, Syrah – Amyntaio
Alchymiste – Sclavos


Grand Cuvée – Skouras
Mμ – Domaine Sigalas
Cyrus One – Kyros Melas


Veuve Cliquot Brut 375ml
Veuve Cliquot Brut 750ml
Moet & Chandon Brut 200ml Epernay
Moet & Chandon Brut 750ml Epernay
Dom Perignon Brut 750ml Epernay
Dom Perignon Magnum 1500ml
Cristal Louis Roderer Brut 750ml
Krug Grande Cuvée Brut 750ml Reims
Taitinger Comtes de Champagne Magnum



blend of rums, passion fruit juice, cinnamon, lime, angostura


rum, mango/passion fruit puree, lime, ginger ale, mint


tequila, ginger syrup, grapefruit/lemon juice, rose syrup, top up with grapefruit and rosemary soda


Metaxa 7*, triple sec, maraschino liquor, lemon juice, angostura

Alexios Fine Aegean Tastes,
Nik. Nomikou, Oia
Open: 10:00 am – 02:00 am